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E-Label In Action

IECQ-C BSI 15.00011 “E-Labelling that may be affixed to or laser marked into the surface of electric devices and components.”

The Chinese Government is undertaking a consolidation of the Fabless Semiconductor Market. They have backed Tsinghua Holding to expand into the IC market by committing $100 billion over 5-years. Currently there are only 4 companies global in production at 14nm. They are Intel, TSMC, Global and Samsung. SMIC is not far behind.


A summary of recent activity is shown below



China Entity



Fuzhou Rockchip 

Signed a product development agreement with Intel for x86 Atom Processors


Tsinghua Unigroup

Acquired RDA Microelectronics for $907 million.


Tsinghua Unigroup

Intel acquired a 20% stake in Tsinghua for $1.5 Billion, which also owns Spreadtrum and RDA Microelectronics


Xiamen Government & Fujian Electronics

Formed partnership with UMC to build a $2.6 billion 300nm fab in Xiamen, China



As part of Qualcomm’s settlement with China’s NDRC, the company agreed to expand its partnership with SMIC


Hua Capital Management & other Chinese investors

US based CMOS image sensor specialist Omnivision agreed to be purchased for $1.9 billion


Uphill Investment

U.S. based DRAM and SRAM specialist ISSI agreed to be purchased for $731 million


JAC Capital

NXP announced that it was selling its RF power business to the investment group for $1.8 billion


SMIC & Huawei

Announced that SMIC, Huawei, Qualcomm and IMEC would form a joint R & D company for 14nm technology


Hefei Construction Investment and Holding

Formed a joint venture with Powerchip to construct a $2.2 billion LCD driver Fab in Hefei, China



Offered to purchase Singapore based OSAT STATS ChipPAC for $780 million


Tsinghua Unigroup

Made a $23 billion offer to purchase U.S. based memory giant Micron



Beijing IC Industrial Development Fund & Other Chinese Investors

In 2014 Chinese Investors contributed $465 million to SMIC’s 300mm diameter wafer and a further $350 million in 2015


TSMC & Potentially Chinese Investors

TSMC is expected to announce $3 Billion construction of a 300mm Fab in China for 20/28 nm product and may partner with Chinese Investors


We believe this consolidation is going to put some real pressure on the Taiwan IC market especially with the likes of TSMC and UMC who are both global leaders. It is industry standard practice today to mark all IC’s with laser rather than ink. The e-Label could be applied concurrent with the standard identity/logo. Each component would then have an unambiguously unique identifier and be tracked back to the parent wafer. It is our hope to present these ideas to some CB's and perhaps TSIA (Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry Association) as well as the Chinese Standards Governing Body CEPREI after the Chinese New Year.